2024 Book Awards

The winners of the 2024 Photography and Moving Image Book Awards have been announced

The Kraszna-Krausz Foundation is very pleased to announce Hristina Tasheva and Jie Li as the recipients of this year’s Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards

27 June 2024

Hristina Tasheva wins the 2024 Kraszna-Krausz Photography Book Award for Far Away From Home: The Voices, the Body and the Periphery (Self Published)

“This simple design makes way for a deluge of image, text, memory, and recollection stripping away any other distraction or device. Tasheva has walked through history and retraced the movements of Dutch and Bulgarian communists. The research undertaken is undeniable and has produced a compelling and truly unique yet sober view of former concentration camps across Europe alongside a collection of maps, poems, texts, and portraits.”  Mariama Attah, 2024 Photography Judge

The Moving Image Book Award goes to Cinematic Guerrillas: Propaganda, Projectionists, and Audiences in Socialist China by Jie Li (Columbia University Press)

A phenomenally well-researched, brilliantly presented thrill-ride of a book that draws on extensive field interviews as well as the archive to open up a whole new set of discussions around the notion of state propaganda..The book is a model of nuanced, rigorous scholarship. It’s as exciting a moment as I can remember in the field of film book publishing, with a plethora of groundbreaking work being made available across the board.” Kieron Corless, 2024 Moving Image Judge

The winners share a £10,000 prize fund and events celebrating their books will take place this Autumn in collaboration with the Barbican for the Moving Image book award and with the V&A South Kensington for the Photography book award. Further details will be announced on this site. To receive updates, sign up to our newsletter or follow our Instagram or Twitter accounts..

A focus on the personal and the political with themes including the Holocaust and contemporary space exploration; parental radical politics; the history of Black life and culture; African fashion; and the women of a remote Afro-Mexican village made up the 20 longlisted titles for the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards. The longlists, ten for the Photography category and ten for the Moving Image category, were announced in May 2024 and were exhibited at Photo London 2024. The six shortlisted publications, three in the Photography category and three in the Moving Image category, were announced in early June 2024.

Thank you to this year’s judges –

Photography: Mariama Attah, Anthony Luvera & Eugénie Shinkle
Moving Image: Kieron Corless, Dr Victor Fan & Sandra Hebron

The Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards, first established in 1985, are open to all Moving Image and Photography books published in the previous year and available in the UK. The Awards celebrate creativity and rigour within the publishing industry.

2024 Photography Book Award Shortlist

Hard Times are Fighting Times

Proujansky reconstructs her parents’ radical past, and reckons with what to keep and what to let go. Photographs of their propaganda archive, surveillance records, family photographs and current lives depict their activism, and subsequent turn towards family life. Proujansky invites the viewer to join an intimate observation of the collision between the political and the familial.

“Proujansky’s book – which explores her parents’ participation in left-wing organisations in 1970s America – combines archival images with interviews and family photographs. This is a smart, engaging and eye-opening look at what happens when the life of a single individual collides with the machinery of state paranoia.”
Eugénie Shinkle

Alice Proujansky
Gnomic Book
Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body

Bringing together Ross’s large-format photographs, sculptures, conceptual works, and selected films, together with illuminating texts by Ross and a host of writers, this ambitious publication presents a potent visual chronicle of the American South and its landscape that is both mysterious and quotidian, a historical document and a radical imagining of the future.

Spell, Time, Practice, American, Body is a book on how photography sees and explains the world. It is a headlong dive into both the everyday and the extraordinary of the American South…Each of the five chapters of image, text, stills, and reflections by other contributors is an exercise in unravelling perceptions.”
Mariama Attah

RaMell Ross

Judging the 2024 Kraszna-Krausz Photography Book Award provided a fascinating insight into photobook publishing over the past year. The breadth of submissions reminded me that despite the ubiquity of images in our everyday lives, the use of photography as a form of sustained inquiry or as a storytelling tool continues to hold enormous, revelatory power, enabling our surroundings to be seen and understood in ways previously unknown. The creative role photobook publishing plays in conveying insights into the work of artists and the world around us is important now more than ever.”

Anthony Luvera

2024 Moving Image Book Award Shortlist

The Rainbow’s Gravity: Colour, Materiality and British Modernity

This revolutionary history brings to light how new colour technologies informed ideas about British national identity during a period of profound social change, when the challenges of industrialisation, decolonisation of the Empire and evolving attitudes to race and gender reshaped the nation.

The Rainbow’s Gravity reminds its readers that technological innovations, aesthetic values, and in fact, the vibrancy and brilliance of life in the history of British art and cinema have been indebted to its networks of colonial trades. In this book, Kirsty Sinclair Dootson unveils the colonial power asymmetry, material exploitation, ecological destruction, and processes of cultural desubjectivization that have lied underneath the creation, production, and consumption of colours.”
Dr Victor Fan

Kirsty Sinclair Dootson
Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
African Cinema: Manifesto and Practice for Cultural Decolonization: Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Challenging established views and assumptions about traditions and practices of filmmaking in the African diaspora, this three-volume set offers readers a researched critique on Black film.

“It is impossible to overstate the value of this ambitious project to the study and understanding of African cinema. The vastness of the subject is rewarded with, and reflected in, this expansive three volume collection of essays and case studies. Weaving together the contributions of film makers and workers alongside film scholars allows for a multiplicity of experiences and voices to coalesce to purposeful decolonising intent. The sheer range of material included is remarkable and often moving.”
Sandra Hebron

Edited by Michael T. Martin and Gaston J. M. Kaboré With Allison J. Brown, Cole Nelson, and Joseph E. Roskos
Indiana University Press

“For the longlist, I was looking for cohesion between content and design as I was eager to see aesthetic choices that showed a collaboration and empathy between artist and designer. I was also hoping for a project/ narrative that showed conviction and intention throughout the series and in their approach to developing the project…The range of books, and the creativity of some of the publications was unexpected, particularly the self published or collaborative projects. The photographers and designers have shown such talent and vision in creating these small worlds for us to explore.”

Mariama Attah

2024 Photography Book Award Longlist

Depravity’s Rainbow

“An impeccably researched publication that aligns the life story of Nazi scientist turned American citizen Wernher Von Braun, with the equally conflicted history of space exploration. I loved the way that Depravity’s Rainbow seamlessly aligns formal and aesthetic decisions with a complex historical narrative. The cyanotype images in the book, for instance, are chemically adjacent to the hydrogen cyanide gas used in WWII concentration camps.”
Eugénie Shinkle

Lewis Bush
Disphotic Editions
Ángel Miguel

“A story of family ties, inescapable connection, and the vulnerability and persistence of these relationships. The story takes the form of two books physically threaded together through Cortez’s close experiences of miscarriage and death. Through Angel and Miguel the missing protagonists are given voice through personal recollection, medical records, and family photos.” Mariama Attah

Isabel Moreno Cortez

Pathe’O is a joy of a historical text, weaving together fashion, national identity, and personal perspectives of ambition and vision. Here, photography has been used to record and resurrect stories of fashion designer Pathe’O’s creativity which otherwise could have remained out of view for most.”
Mariama Attah

Pathé’O, Flurina Rothenberger, Hammer, Catherine Morand
Edition Patrick Frey
Better in the Dark Than His Rider

“Better in the Dark than His Rider by Francesco Merlini is a creative meditation on the sense of sight drawn together from seemingly unrelated images from the artist’s extended archive. There is a visual sumptuousness to this publication which is enhanced by an approach to the sequencing and design, guided by a sensitive, original reading of colour. This is an expertly achieved photobook, conceptually and aesthetically.”
Anthony Luvera

Francesco Merlini
Départ Pour L’Image
Deborah Roberts: Twenty Years of Art/Work

“Race, beauty, consumption, globalisation, identity, and inclusion are some of the themes that Deborah Roberts palpably threads together in her powerful and distinctive collage works. Twenty Years of Art/Work is a beautifully realised survey publication of two decades of work by Roberts that traces the artist’s commitment to disassembling the cultural violence perpetuated against Black children and the politics of representation that continues to shape the contemporary Black experience at large.”
Anthony Luvera

Artwork by Deborah Roberts | Foreword by Dawoud Bey | Texts by Carolyn Jean Martin and Ekow Eshun | Conversation with Sarah Lewis
Radius Books
Glad Tidings of Benevolence

Glad Tidings of Benevolence captures not just the chaos of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq itself, but the torrent of conflicting narratives that accompanied it, the ongoing political instability that it left in its wake, and the limits of documentary photography to report objectively on a war that, for most of those living in Iraq, is far from over.”
Eugénie Shinkle

Moises Saman
GOST Books
Hoja Santa

“Maciejka Art’s Hoja Santa is a vivid depiction of a community of women and the artist’s engagement with them as she conjures together themes of traditional medicine, spirituality, healing, and societal expectations of women. There is a tangible sense of the dynamism of femininity that shines through in the design, sequencing, and physical manifestation of this publication, which engages the reader and reflects the multi-layered approach Art took in the creation of the mixed media project it showcases.”
Anthony Luvera

Maciejka Art
Dewi Lewis Publishing

“It was an absolute pleasure to read so many vibrant, creative, and groundbreaking works on the cinema from the past year. Learning about new historiographical methods, previously overlooked perspectives on film and media philosophy and aesthetics, as well as freshly available archival materials was a truly inspiring experience.”

Dr Victor Fan

2024 Moving Image Book Award Longlist

Incomplete: The Feminist Possibilities of the Unfinished Film

“A rigorous, generative, deeply subversive reorientation of typical ways of thinking about cinema that not only opens up endless new avenues of engagement with the archive but also reveals potent possibilities for contemporary women practitioners.”
Kieron Corless

Edited by Alix Beeston and Stefan Solomon
University of California Press
voice under

“Ester M. Bergsmark’s cinematic works have been celebrated in the world film festival circuits. voice under is therefore an exciting addition to her effort to foster dialogues on trans* as creative and critical processes that actively produce aesthetics, microperceptual shimmers, as well as intersubjectivities and agencies.”
Dr Victor Fan

Ester M. Bergsmark
Mousse Publishing
The Celluloid Specimen: Moving Image Research into Animal Life

“Through a combination of meticulous research and clarity of analysis, the author offers a persuasive re-evaluation of behaviourist animal experiment films of the 1930s and 1940s, and their lasting impact on American cultural formations. Aside from the fascinatingly original subject matter, the production of the book is noteworthy: the inclusion of QR codes enabling the reader to watch a selection of films referred to, added to the enjoyment and immediacy of reading, and a free Open Access copy is also available.”
Sandra Hebron

Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
University of California Press
Black Boys: The Social Aesthetics of British Urban Film

“This first comprehensive exploration of the representation of Black urban youth in British film and television reminds us of the validity – necessity even – of the study of popular cultural forms. The author’s skill lies in…applying rigorous intellectual investigation to the socio-political landscape in which representations of Black Britishness have been created, circulated, shown and received.”
Sandra Hebron

Clive Chijioke Nwonka
Bloomsbury Academic Publishing
Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors

“An idiosyncratic, profoundly insightful account of Fassbinder’s cultural impact written with consummate elegance and wit, this book is a genuine one-off in the way it evokes an entire epoch by way of a fragmented personal response to the films.”
Kieron Corless

Ian Penman
Fitzcarraldo Editions
Listening with a Feminist Ear: Soundwork in Bombay Cinema

“Pavitra Sundar offers her readers a renewed understanding of the history and critical paradigm of Bombay cinema. She does so by focusing on how these films were listened to by women and by demonstrating that the act of listening itself is gendered.”
Dr Victor Fan

Pavitra Sundar
University of Michigan Press
Gaza on Screen

“There’s no more timely or urgent book on the list given current circumstances in Gaza. Yaqub’s contributors explore a strikingly diverse range of visual material and in so doing are able to reveal in rigorous, excruciating detail the appalling constraints that Gazan filmmakers confront, as well as their inextinguishable desire to find ways to circumvent them.”
Kieron Corless

Edited by Nadia Yaqub
Duke University Press

The 2024 Photography Book Award was judged by:

Mariama Attah

Mariama Attah is a photography curator, writer and lecturer with a particular interest in overlooked visual histories, and understanding how photography and visual culture can be used to amplify underrepresented voices. Mariama is currently Associate Curator for Art Collection Deutsche Börse. Previous roles include Head of Exhibitions at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, Editor of Foam Magazine and Curator at Photoworks.

Anthony Luvera

Anthony Luvera is a socially engaged artist, writer, and educator, and Associate Professor of Photography in the Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities at Coventry University. The long-term collaborative work he creates with individuals and communities is exhibited widely in galleries, public spaces, and international festivals. His writing appears in a range of publications, and he regularly contributes to the public programmes of institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery, Tate, and The Photographers’ Gallery.

Eugénie Shinkle

Eugénie Shinkle is a photographer and writer based in London. Originally trained as a civil engineer, she writes on a wide range of subjects including landscape, architecture, fashion photography, aesthetics, and human/technology relations. She is Editor of the photobook platform C4 Journal, and Reader in Photography at the University of Westminster.

The 2024 Moving Image Book Award was judged by:

Kieron Corless

Kieron Corless is Associate Editor of Sight and Sound film magazine at the British Film Institute. He co-curates the Essay Film Festival at Birkbeck University and the ICA. He is a visiting lecturer, regularly teaching film history and film criticism at various UK universities. He is the co-author with Chris Darke of ‘Cannes: Inside the World’s Premier Film Festival’, published by Faber & Faber. 

Dr Victor Fan

Dr Victor Fan is Reader in Film and Media Philosophy at the Department of Film Studies, King’s College London. He is the author of ‘Cinema Approaching Reality: Locating Chinese Film Theory’ (University of Minnesota Press, 2015), ‘Extraterritoriality: Locating Hong Kong Cinema and Media’ (Edinburgh University Press, 2019), and ‘Cinema Illuminating Reality: Media Philosophy through Buddhism’ (University of Minnesota Press, 2022). Fan is also a composer, theatre director, and film festival consultant.

Sandra Hebron

Sandra Hebron is Head of Screen Arts at the UK’s National Film and Television School. She has worked in independent film since the late 1980s. Previous roles include Cinemas Director at Manchester Cornerhouse and Head of Festivals at the British Film Institute, and she has worked in an advisory capacity for a range of other international festivals.